The quota system of India – where does it stand now and what does it need?

So, the problem is not the continued existence of the system, but rather the continued existence of it without periodic appraisals and time bound goals. The original sin is now perpetuated within the unprivileged community and the purpose of the reservation stands defeated.


Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home. It has to. If it doesn't, then it cannot be charity. It has to be something else. May be it is selfishness, avarice, or something else, but not charity. Take care of your immediate family properly before you venture to apparently take care of others.

Human behavior and quantum physics

In quantum physics, a particle can have infinite number possibilities at every moment of time. But, particles still behave in a largely predictable way. Scientists say that the possibilities, though infinite, are actually narrowed down in reality, because a particle's future behaviour is determined by past events. That's kind of surprising, right? Human behaviour to … Continue reading Human behavior and quantum physics

A formidable account of a formidable personality

Book review: Lincoln, by David Herbert Donald “Lincoln” by David Herbert Donald is more than just a biography of Lincoln. It is a great attempt at analysing Lincoln's personality by looking into reasons behind his actions and attitudes. This is the first complete biography of Lincoln that I read, so I cannot compare it with … Continue reading A formidable account of a formidable personality